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Open Source is in our DNA

Thousands of systems around the world run on open-source software contributions made by the Langa Team. We contribute to, and trust in the global open-source ecosystem.

Featured Projects

Langa offers both free and paid support for each of our open-source projects.


Langa created Trails.js, a Modern Web Application Framework for Node.js, and a suite of plugins.

Sails + Waterline

Since 2014, we've maintained numerous plugins and adapters for Sails.js, Waterline, and Skipper.

Langa Projects

We've published hundreds of open-source Node.js modules, and are happy to work with users and contributors.

Events and Sponsorship

We support Node and Javascript events all over the world. See you there!

Node Interactive 2016

Langa is a proud sponsor of Node Interactive and the Node Foundation, and continue to support industry conferences all over the world.

Norfolk.js Meetup

We sponsor and co-organize our local Javascript users group in Norfolk, VA, and share talks at local meetups around the world.

Contact Us

Whether you're building out a team or are just looking for a second opinion, we'd be happy to help. Let's talk!